Can Detergent Powder Kill The Roof Moss ?


Moss cover proves fatal for all the segments of the home located outside. When it comes to the cover of moss on your roof then the things get a bit complicating. The moss congregation on the roof sounds bad for the structural integrity of the roof setup. Long avoiding the irregularity could invite a streak of roof-related problems.

The home improvement stores are flooded with a variety of anti-moss products and solutions that can serve the required purpose for you. On the other hand, a solution to the concerned problem may be explored inside your home spaces only. For instance, the regular detergent powder used for washing clothes can be employed to remove the roof moss. Proper application of detergent plays a pivotal role in delivery the expected results. Any misapprehension on that front could prove costly for the structural integrity of the roof.

Hence, it is very important to carry out the application of detergent in a definite manner. To do so, you would require few helping items along with the laundry detergent. The laundry detergent should be in powdered form and not in liquid form. A spray bottle filled with water should be brought in as well. Besides these, arrange a large bucket of warm water and a long-bristled scrub brush.

The five-way tool can be replaced by the application of a pressure-washer. Also, you can utilize both the tools to enhance the effectiveness of the application.

Ground a ladder firmly such that it does not shake or wobble. Reach the top of the roof and examine the roof area that is infected by moss. Based on the examination, evaluate the approximate amount of detergent powder required for the job. Start off by loosening the hold of the moss on the roof. Use a five-way tool or a pressure-washer equipment to serve the required purpose. Follow it up by sprinkling detergent powder on the affected area.

Follow it up by spraying warm water over the concerned area. Do not wet the moss cover and try to render the required moisture to the surface only.

Let the detergent affect the moss cover for about 10-15 minutes.

Make way for the bucket of hot water and pour it evenly on the moss cover. Use a scrub brush to uproot the moss.

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