Butterfly Food Recipe


Butterfly food varies from species to species. Also, it depends on which stage of life cycle it is in.

Caterpillars eat solid food like leaves what’s more root vegetables while an adult butterfly merely sips nectar from the flowers, fruits plus trees.

Butterflies feed on natural habitat, but if you wish to attract them to your backyard, all you need to do is plant their favorite plants and flowery shrubs in home garden or create homemade butterfly food.

What do they feed on?

Butterfly food of adult butterflies consists of nectar from flowers, fruits moreover trees.

Most butterflies eat simply certain species of plants while a good number of will eat from merely one plant variety.

For instance, Monarchs feeds on milkweed plants. The caterpillar eats the leaves or twigs while the adult monarch sucks the nectar from its flowers.

The Pearl Crescent caterpillars merely feed on plants from the aster family. a good number of butterflies like the North American Harvester of the eastern U.S. are carnivorous furthermore eat wooly aphids.

The females lay her eggs right in the middle of masses of aphids so that when they hatch, the caterpillars may feed on them.

known butterfly food:

There are a variety of plants that are butterfly’s favorite foods particularly when they are in the caterpillar stage.

The most renowned plants for butterflies are aster, lilac, cottonwood, hackberry, hollyhock, clover, baby’s tears, fennel, grasses, nettle, milkweed, plum, mallow, spicebush, violet, willow and parsley.

Adult butterflies are absorbed to flowery plants to draw nectar. These include chrysanthemum, aster, buckwheat, clover, daisy, lavender, daylily, violet, phlox, sunflower, dogbane, honey suckle, oregano, marigold in addition butterfly weed.

Homemade butterfly food:

If you reside in an apartment where you do not have the space to plant a butterfly garden, you may still attract butterflies in your environs by preparing homemade butterfly food.

The most common food for butterflies would be sugar water solution. You may prepare it in the proportion of four parts water in addition one part sugar.

Add colors like yellow, red or blue into the solution container furthermore place them on the window sill.

You can also soak bright color sponges in sugar water solution moreover hang them from trees or plants in your vicinity.

Butterflies similarly feed on dung, mud puddles furthermore rotten or over-ripe fruits.

They similarly get a good number of of the nutrients from pet poops which may be lying in your backyard.

Basically, it is very effortless to attract butterflies. You can create your own butterfly food by planting flowering plants or simple sugar water solution.



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