Buck’s Paklite Skinner Cuts Through the Competition


There are many activities and hobbies that you could undertake in life, but for those who have chosen hunting, many unique challenges lie in wait. From the right weapon to use, to the very equipment that you carry with you. One thing is for certain however, and that is the need of decent equipment. That being said, one of the most important pieces of equipment that the hunter can carry is the knife.

If a knife is cheap, it may not matter to you if it falls apart, but if you want to start a tradition of handing your knife down, then you want one that will stay intact. In addition to that, it would be no good if your knife fell apart in the middle of a hunting trip. Now you don’t have to buy a huge Buck knife in order to have a quality cutting tool, but you should definitely consider the Paklite Skinner.

Paklite Skinner. Not only is it a durable knife, it is one that is aesthetically pleasing. When one thinks of a heavy duty knife they probably think the huge Buck knives that you can buy at most sporting good stores, but time and technology have changed the definition of durable.

The knife is good for just about anything you could imagine on a hunting trip. For example if you need something to skin your catch, this knife will be there. If you need to build a shelter in the middle of the forest, then this knife will be by your side for that as well. Whatever you want to do, the Paklite Skinner buck knife can assist you.

The blade is approximately 2 7/8″ and the overall length is 6 5/8″. The knife is made of stainless steel and it does come with a heavy duty sheath that will keep it protected from the elements and keep you protected from the blade while you are running. As you can see, this is a state of the art cutting tool and it will no doubt serve you for many years if you choose to make the small investment.

Knives will always be needed, so with that in mind, make sure you choose one that lives up to the standard. Choose the Paklite skinner today. This is one purchase you won’t regret.

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