Broad Skill Sets: Sociology Major


Sociology is one of those incredible fields in which everything learned can be applied to the here and now. Understanding how society is structured, how it works, and our place in it can mean a greater sense of self overall. Yet all that understanding can also mean a greater ability to understand how your own actions will have an impact on society. Acting as an individual and as a part of a group, the student studying sociology will have the practical skills of interpersonal relations ready and waiting to be put to use.

Through case studies and loads of research, you the sociology major, will know how to reach a logical conclusion and be able to express it. Your writing skills will evolve as technically sound, but you will also be comfortable speaking in public about your findings. Debates will be empowering, because the research you have done to back up your opinion will provide solid evidence for your argument. Client relationships will definitely benefit from these skills, particularly when it comes to pitching a proposal.

Like the psychology major, those who study sociology learn a lot about how various personalities express themselves in different environments. Being able to identify the distinctive players in the group and maximize their performance for the betterment of the project or team, well that will be wholly possible because of your education. Skills in observation, motivation, and active listening will also come in handy. They will enable you to foster a creative and productive environment where projects are completed with every team member feeling good about their participation. In fact, every relationship in life will benefit from the ability to listen and observe.

The beginnings of any project or proposal is research. A degree in sociology lays a very solid foundation in collecting data, analyzing it using key theorems, and producing relevant hypothesis’. That process can be applied just about anywhere. In sales, you can study historical selling patterns associated with calendar or world events. Once a clear pattern of consumer purchasing is recognized, a buying plan can be drawn up. From a more sociological point of view, consider a position where data on local homeless people is needed to form a plan for seasonal accommodations in the case of extreme weather.

A post-secondary education is a valuable and privileged commodity. No matter what the field of study, a prospective employer will instantly have greater respect for an applicant with a college degree. Why? Simple, because the student strove for a higher education and had the commitment to complete a degree. Even if your grades weren’t the highest, you still did it. So many high school graduates leave school with barely enough skills to read the newspaper and do basic math. A job applicant who was accepted to college or university and went on to complete a course of study, is immediately showing the prospective employer they have academic skills.

Beyond those basic skills to get into an advanced education institution, a person holding a degree has all the added expertise learned in the process. So, do not feel bad about working in a field unrelated to your degree. Everything we learn is useful, no matter where we are.

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