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[I:]Stick to the basics to increase your arm size in the shortest possible time. I’m referring to the lifts that provide the biggest reward for what you’ve invested. You should not waste your time in unproductive movements like 90% of the people in the gym.

And now, the triceps, a set of three muscles connected to both elbow and shoulder, but work in opposition to the biceps and forearm. Read further for tricep-building tips and tricks.

If you’re just starting an exercising plan, dips are the easiest and best to try. They will manipulate your chest and shoulders, but mostly they will work your triceps. In order to place the stress on your triceps there are a few tips you need to know. Firstly, do dips between two rods alongside each other. When you begin, your body should be in a position as if you were standing and holding two bars in your hands.

So you do not falter, always grip the bars firmly. To start this movement, lower your body toward the floor, tucking your elbows in close to your body, and keeping your overall form as straight as possible vertically. Leaning forward transfers a large amount of stress to your chest and shoulders, which isn’t that bad, but this should be saved for chest day.

It is better not to lock out at the top. You will alleviate stress on your triceps if you straighten your arms. Use an assisted dip machine to counter-balance your weight if you have trouble doing dips. If your gym doesn’t have one, get a spotter to push up on your feet to help you out. When you first begin, try getting in three sets of ten repetitions by yourself.

Another compound movement that can be used to get in shape, and is like dips is a close grip bench press. The movement is similar to regular bench press. The bar needs to be gripped 8 to 12 inches apart. Grip where you feel comfortable, paying close attention to how your wrists feel. It is better to begin with about 12 inch spacing and slowly make it closer as your comfort level increases, since a closer grip increases stress on your wrists.

Keep your elbows in close at your sides and lower the bar to just under your chest level. You will not be required to extend you arms in any way. You should be sure to stop prior to being totally locked out. This exercise will add great mass to your triceps.

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