Body Language Meaning


Body language involves many movements plus gestures of various parts of the body.

Body language import involves the interpretation of the numerous body signals given out by a person.

The body language meaning given out by a brisk, erect walk of an individual is that of confidence.

When the person is standing with hands on his or her hips, this indicates a certain amount of aggression or readiness.

If a person walks with hands in pockets in addition with a hunching of the shoulders, a feeling of dejection is the body language value given out.

Boredom is the body language meaning portrayed when a person sits with their legs crossed besides the foot thrilling or kicking slightly.

Similarly, the body language meaning given out by a person seated with their legs apart is that of openness in addition relaxation.

Boredom can similarly be identified if the individual’s head is resting in hand or if there is a prolonged tilted head movement.

When a person places the hand on the cheek, it displays that the person is thinking or evaluating.

The body language meaning that may be derived from the person touching or rubbing the nose is one of doubt, rejection or even lying.

Likewise, a person rubbing the eyes portrays doubt or even disbelief. A person with eyes closed besides pinching the bridge of the nose exhibits a body language meaning of cautiousness moreover perhaps a negative outcome.

Hand gestures where the open palms are shown indicate honesty additionally openness.

A hand gesture where the person clasps the hands behind his or her back may indicate feelings of anger, apprehension or frustration.

The body language meaning you may derive from the more ordinarily seen rubbing of hands is one of anticipation or eagerness.

A person seated with hands clasped behind the head besides with legs crossed may show a feeling of confidence or even superiority or arrogance.

Fingers can likewise demonstrate a different body language meaning.

Tapping of fingers portrays impatience or a need to “get on with it” while steepling fingers portrays a feeling of authority.

Insecurity, nervousness or even lack of self confidence is a body language import that may effortlessly be spotted if the person is perpetually touching or playing with the hair during a conversation. Biting of nails is another gesture that is displayed by such an individual.

These are some of the body language meanings that may be witnessed in your day-to-day life whether you are at work, home or with friends.

At all times, it is crucial to observe these body language meanings in a subtle way so that the person engrossed is unaware that you are observing him or her.



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