Best VW Kit Cars for Sale


Kit cars are renowned as component cars. VW has been a leading automotive manufacturer since 1937. and so in 1970 when kit cars became famous they were produced to be directly bolted to a VW beetle chassis.

VW kit cars are mainly based on their most famous as well as commercially successful model, the ‘beetle’. VW kit cars come with various options ranging from the Dune Buggy right up to the Porshe 356 replicas.

VW kit cars give a wide selection of unique designs like the Nova/Sterling that give exciting options to own a custom built though functional VW car. VW kit cars come with economical choices as well, one choice being converting it to be run on electricity. This helps cut running cost by a considerable amount. modern DIY electric VW kit cars can give an unsurpassed mileage of up to 120 miles for just pennies per day. An chilling as well as rarely explored option!

The Nova is a part of the feet of VW kit cars. This futuristic looking car utilized the VW beetle as its basis as well as was constructed on a beetle. VW kit cars like the Nova commonly utilise the fundamental framework of the beetle as well as accordingly the underpowered air-cooled engine of the beetle was adequate, thanks to the fact that the Nova had a futuristic aerodynamic design.

Just in case performance is inarguably vital then VW kit cars may be built utilising the Ford or Porsche engines, these help provide improved performance when acceleration and speed is kept in mind.

The Sterling is another addition to the long list of VW kit cars. It is a US based model as well as is pretty much similar to the Nova still is built to fit the conditions in the US.

VW kit cars basically appeal to that breed of folks who have an old VW beetle or a similar car gathering dust in their garage. These VW kit cars help give such a car a complete makeover. Cars like the Nova as well as the Sterling look undeniably classy as well as are aerodynamic vehicles that may be utilised on all day basis.

Current VW kit cars or any other kit cars are basically replicas of old models which were inarguably classic as well as exorbitant. These kit cars aid them to be built on a relatively low budget and made suitable for daily utilize on roads. The VW kit cars are not produced of the original metal sheets nevertheless instead are produced of fiberglass soaked in polyester resin.



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