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For the person who’s overweight, there never seems to be any help at hand. Oh sure there are diets and fad diets by the bowlful, but what kind of support is there really for you if you want to lose weight? You’d be surprised at how many people feel this way, and those same people would in turn be surprised by exactly how much support there really is, if only they can find it within themselves to reach out and take it. And nutrition guides are also only one part of this large network of support that exists.

If you can find yourself able to face your doctor or nutritionist and ask them for a nutrition guide you’ll be able to get one quite easily. These professionals are here to help you not hinder you. I must admit though that for me it took quite a while before I found myself able to go to either of these people to ask for nutrition guides and guidelines.

The reason for this was a deep rooted dislike of being told constantly that if I only reduced my weight whatever health problems I had would disappear. Hearing this every time I went to see my doctor did me no favors, and I found myself inventing excuses not to go see my doctor even if I was ill. What was the use really?

This state of affairs unfortunately continued for some time and I struggled between eating right and eating what I wanted. It was hard, and I was slowly but steadily losing the battle. My self-esteem was shot to pieces and I was almost at the end of my tether. It was about that time that I decided to change my job as well, and moved upstate. This turned out to be a good thing because soon after I managed to sprain my ankle and really had no choice but to see a doctor.

I was lucky that time and found myself with an understanding doctor who forbore from mentioning to me yet again that my weight was at the root of all my problems, and gave me a nutrition guides leaflet instead. He still didn’t say anything, but smiled and told me in a quiet voice to read it. I was intrigued enough that I did just that and found myself sitting in his office almost the next day itself.

What he had given me in the guise of nutrition guides was the path for me to find my way back to living a normal and balanced life. I won’t try to kid you and tell you that it was all peaches-and-cream from there on out, but I will say this. If I hadn’t received such invaluable help at that time, I wouldn’t even now be who I am. Nutrition guides are only that, guides. You have to help yourself first before anyone or any guide can help you.



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