Best Lotus 7 Kit Car for Sale


The Lotus 7 was a light weight open top sports car. The Lotus seven kit car is built by a number of companies like Boes Motor and mekanik a Swedish car company selling the Lotus seven kit car which is named the Boe 7.

This is a Swedish car company as well as has an innovative approach to building kit cars. They utilise round tubing for the chassis instead of the traditional square tubing for the space frame chassis. The rear axle, steering as well as pedals are taken from different models like the Volvo 740 as well as the Volvo 240.

There are a number of other companies around the globe who build the Lotus 7 kit car Pegasus automobile is 1 such company. They manufacture replicas of the famous Lotus 7 as well as are sold as the Pegasus seven. These cars are pretty much similar when it comes to looks compared to the original Lotus 7. It is right to add that these cars additionally pack in novel technology making the cars hence much more functional and simple to drive.

Robin Hood Engineering is another British company manufacturing the Lotus seven. The company started operations by making replicas of Ferrari Daytona. The company later started preparing the Lotus 7 kit car which was sold under the name of S7.

The Caterham seven is another car based on the Lotus seven. This Lotus seven kit car is light weight and swift as well. This Lotus 7 kit car is a light weight two-seater sports car which is unusually famous among car enthusiasts. The major reason being the performance as well as handling.

There are a number of other companies that produce similar configuration nevertheless Caterham has taken different legal rights in terms of patents and are thus the only manufacturer who may officially prepare the Lotus seven kit car.

The Lotus seven kit car that Caterham manufactures is extremely close to the original Lotus & yet no segment is precisely similar as well as this property sets them apart from the competition.

There is another manufacturer for the Lotus seven kit car in India who runs operations from Mumbai, the Lotus seven kit car that they produce is called the Chinkara Roadster 1.8S and is a replica of the lotus seven. This Lotus 7 kit car sells at a extremely affordable rate as well as packs in novel technology as well as takes a feather out of the cap of one of its predecessors the Lotus seven.



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