Best Live Music Venues to Visit in London


The capital of the United Kingdom is also the capital of all forms of music genres. London is a land of people from all around the world and when they settle in the boroughs of this great city, they also bring their native music.

London is viewed as an international capital of musical cultures which feature rock, pop, hip hop, opera, Broadway musicals, blues, jazz, folk, latin, reggae and ska (combination of jazz and calypso). Individuals and families visiting the North, South, East or West side of London can easily find and enjoy a world of music wafting from great local pubs or through the lights of the great West End Broadway like district.

Take the family to the Lyceum Theatre on Wellington Street in Westminster which is the West End theatre district. The Lion King musical has been a long running play featuring music by Elton John and his collaborators. The special costumes, a great cast and a live orchestra tell a story about the plains of Africa animals.Best live Music Venues to visit in London

Les Miserables is an historical production with amazing high tech performances at the Queens Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue is a treat that should not be missed. The live music is known throughout the globe and it will have theatre goers humming and singing the scores.

Live music venues continue on Shaftesbury Avenue through the great stage theatre of the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road with the “We Will Rock You” musical or listen to the tribute to Michael Jackson with the Thriller stage performance at the Lyric Theatre.

The West End theatre area is filled with renowned stage musicals that are celebrating their long running success and which invite London visitors and local residents to enjoy the best live music venues in London. To hear and see these productions is as simple as going to the website theatre tickets and choosing amazing affordable musicals.

Musical cultures in London continue with live music pubs like Ronnie Scott’s on Frith Street in Soho. This great live jazz spot gives its customers the best of London’s local musicians and visiting jazz celebrities.

They are open until 3 a.m. most nights, while also serving great pasta and wine. The Dublin Castle on Parkway in Camden Town is a must visit to hear live bands playing each night, where people of all cultures assemble to hear bands that could be their launching pad to fame.

The best live music venues in London continue with a visit or a stay at the Hootananny Hostel. The family owned Hootannay Hostel is located on Effra Road in the southwest Brixton district.

Not only can you stay here as a guest but people come to listen to live music that covers ska, hip hop, jazz, blues, reggae and more. Headliners visit and local aspiring musicians play every night while visitors and guests also enjoy fajitas, tacos and burritos.



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