Best Easy Bloody Mary Recipe


There are many diverse types of drinks that you can make at home or order from bars and restaurants. Some of these drinks are the current favorites with very exotic sounding names. Other alcoholic drinks are old time favorites that folks have been drinking for numerous years now. 1 such drink is that of Bloody Mary. This classic drink is not that rigorous for you to make. The main thing that you will need is a Bloody Mary recipe.

Now you may get the Bloody Mary recipe from 1 of the many books that list the diverse alcoholic drinks and gives their recipes. Since this is a classic you will be able to find not just the normal recipe however the numerous variations that are there. For all of these Bloody Mary recipes you will need to opt for the optimum ingredients that you may. By opting inferior ingredients your Bloody Mary recipe will turn out really bad.

So what are the many things that you will need for a Bloody Mary recipe? Well you will need Vodka and tomato juice. These are the primary items that are required for the drink to get their real remarkable taste. Next you will need Worcestershire sauce and fresh lemon juice. These 2 items are there to give some spice and sour taste to the Bloody Mary.

Now the next items that you will need are Tabasco sauce and the garnishes. Now when you have chosen the diverse items that will give you a good Bloody Mary recipe you must start to follow the recipe out so that your Bloody Mary will turn out tasting fantastic. You will have to measure the right amount of all of the ingredients so that you end up with a Bloody Mary or you may end up with another variety of drink altogether.

Now what are the amount of ingredients that you will need to add to get this great drink? Well you will one ounces of tremendous quality Vodka, cup of great tasting tomato juice, from the fresh lemons you need to get 2 teaspoons, the two sorts of sauces Tabasco and Worcestershire are to added according to your taste buds. The garnishes that you will use are a fresh, great celery stick and a wedge of lemon.

Now to get the Bloody Mary recipe right you will need to combine the Vodka, tomato juice, the two sauces and the fresh lemon juice together. You must also have salt and pepper to taste and one cup of crisp ice cubes to make the mixture all chilled.

Once all of these items are combined together you will need to shake them thoroughly and then strain this mix into a tall glass that is filled with lots of ice cubes. The final items that you need to take from your Bloody Mary recipe to garnish this classic drink are the celery stick and the lemon wedge.



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