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At the start of relationship, you thought this person as your would be lifetime partner. Never in your wildest dream that this day will come. The day where this person would say this line, I want a break up. Ouch!

Oh, sure, each and everyone of us, one way or another, have heard that line before. May it be the exact phrase stated above or the other versions. Any how, whatever versions you might have heard, they are only mean one thing: BREAK UP.

Breaking up with some one always cause pain. Thats the truth. Lets face it, when you are having relationship with someone, breaking up with this person is the farthest thing in your mind.

But the break up is not the only trouble here. There is a lot more. It is called the post break up era. What are you going to do? How are you going to cope with it?

The initial reaction is that you will get hurt. It hurts so badly that you find yourself crying and crying all the time since that day. You lose your appetite. All you want to do is listen to love songs. You dont feel like seeing other people and so on.

But you can never go on like this, can you? Some how, in some way, you have to face the world without this person in your life anymore. The first thing you can do is, take your time.

Live your life in day to day basis. Do not be in a hurry to erase in one single night of crying the memories you shared or the memory of this person. Do not be too harsh to yourself.

Look on the better side, you are single now, nobody controls your life anymore. Go on a vacation. Look for fun and enjoinment. Be with your friends and people who loves you. Dont keep yourself away from others.

Dont waste your time staring at the wall of your room. Go out and have fun. Engage in sports. You will not only be strong physically but also you will interact with other people.

Learn more about yourself though this is one of the toughest times for you. Be rational and keep your wit while putting bit by bit the pieces of your heart.

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