At What Age Should You Check for Types of Cancer?


Cancer is terrifying; the thought of having cancer can frazzle anyone’s nerves. This illness is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States for people under 40, and overall it’s the 2nd leading cause of death in this country.

Many times, tumors will not be noticeable until they have grown so large that they are pressing on nearby organs. Sometimes it does have symptoms which are more obvious, but can be easily overlooked or dismissed as being something else. Knowing when to get checked for certain types of cancers can lead to a lifesaving diagnosis.

Before Your 40s…

Sadly, cancer can appear at any stage in life and most young adults believe they are safe from developing any type ofTypes of Cancer life threatening illness for many years – that’s not always the case. While younger adults have less of a chance of developing cancer, the rates of people between the ages of 20 to 39 getting certain types of cancers has skyrocketed in recent years; common kinds of cancers in this age group are colorectal, thyroid, and testicular.

At this age, it can be very difficult to actually be diagnosed with an illness, because generally doctors don’t really think of a person under 40 as being a high risk patient. This can lead to a failure to diagnose, and a potentially deadly outcome. Most yearly physicals for men include checking the prostate and thyroid, but not all guys get in for a physical unless it’s required by work or insurance. If you are in this age group, the best thing you can do for yourself is to go in for checkups and report any abnormalities to your physician.

After You Turn 40…

From 40 on, screening and testing is going to be a part of your annual routine; this is because cancer becomes a major risk the older you get. People in this age group can expect skin exams, oral exams, and colon exams – this is in addition to gender specific screenings which are addressed below.

Gender Specific Concerns

While cancer is not gender biased per se, certain types of cancers are. Hormonally related cancers are some of the most common ones amongst both men and women. In men, testicular cancer is very common, but also very treatable if caught early enough. Men also face prostate cancer which is also fairly slow growing and treatable if caught early, but there have been cases of rapidly spreading prostate cancer.

Women have the same types of hormonally related problems, just in different anatomy. Breast cancer is very common for women. Ladies can find out about recommendations on screening for breast cancer at the CDC webpage. Cervical cancer is the most common form of hormonal related cancer in women, that’s why adult women should have yearly exams with their ob/gyn.

Steps for Cancer Prevention

While no one knows exactly what causes a tumor to develop, there are known carcinogens, or cancer causing substances, which you can avoid. Smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer; over exposure to UV rays leads to types of skin cancers, and many food additives and preservatives are carcinogenic chemicals.

Even beauty products and cleaning agents contain harmful chemicals which may promote tumor growth. The best way to avoid increasing your chances of cancer through the products you use, is to know what’s in the goods you buy. Maintaining a healthy weight through a wholesome diet and exercise can greatly reduce your odds of developing cancer.

What steps do you take to potentially prevent cancer?


Do you consult with your physician as regularly as you should?


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