Are You Using These Five Great Online Marketing Strategies?


An effective marketing strategy does not have to be complicated or convoluted. In fact, the best ones are simple, easy to use and provide the foundation for building your business and developing more aggressive and advanced marketing campaigns. Think of these strategies as laying the cement foundation to build something bigger and better. Here are five highly effective online marketing strategies that you should be using:

#1 Alternating between an SEO campaign and a PPC keyword campaign

Have you ever read content on a website that did not seem quite right? The grammar was off, the syntax was off and the whole thing made no sense. Unfortunately, this is a result of trying to use specific keywords on a website in order to generate traffic. Names and dates do not often “fit” into content when they need to be written with other keywords. The workaround for this is to use the easier keywords for website optimization and then the more difficult keywords for your PPC campaign.

What is also nice about using a PPC campaign is that you do not have to worry so much about spelling errors or odd-sounding phrases because no one ever sees your keywords like they do on your site. By utilizing both of these keyword strategies, you will have a much farther reach in bringing people to your website.

#2 Social media are all the buzz

Social media has turned buzz marketing into a very effective and popular advertising tool. It costs you next to nothing to launch a campaign, advertise it on social media sites and sit back to see what happens. Worst case scenario—you do not get the results you were hoping for, but considering you did not spend any money, you did not lose anything either from trying this strategy. Social networking sites also have tools like “sharing” and “liking” so you are letting people on the sites do the advertising for you so to speak.

You may even come across someone else’s campaign and find a way to change it and use it for yourself. There are many tools that let you track and monitor how many people are sharing, liking, posting and pinning your stuff to see if this method of marketing is working for you.

#3 Shoot a video

YouTube is one way to get your site some attention, but it is not the only way to use videos to your advantage. Videos can be embedded into both mobile and desktop websites. And like social networking sites, there are ways for video viewers to share videos they like with friends and family. So there is a good chance that your video will reach a wider audience if people like what they see. Your video should be informational and not too self-promotional. You can create a “how-to” video or demonstrate a product you are trying to sell. If your product claims to be the strongest, fastest or easiest, use it in the video as proof to back up your claim. Seeing is often believing for most people and if they believe the video to be intriguing, they will no doubt share it with others.

#4 The power of the written word

Blogs and articles are a great way to get visitors to read something of value to them by way of your site. You can become an expert on a topic, write about it and have readers continue to use you as a valuable source of information. Make sure your site’s content is not overly wordy, but has relevance to the reader and is not self-promoting. People get turned off if they read something of interest only to find out you are trying to get them to buy something. You can even write guest posts on websites that are related to your site in order to expand your reach.

#5 PPC market campaigns through trial and error

There are many affiliate programs that you can use, like Google’s AdWords, that have free tools you can use to see how successful your PPC campaign is and it costs only a few dollars. These tools can also help you with keyword optimization. You can run one or dozens of advertisements to see which produces the greatest results. This will help you figure out what to do for future PPC campaigns.


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