Antique Refrigerator Parts: Information About Different Kinds Of Parts For GE Refrigerator


There are refrigerator components that can easily break. Delicate parts for instance the evaporator door, meat tray cover which is made of fragile plastics that can easily break if you are not cautious. If you own an old type or vintage GE fridge and you need to have some components to fix it, it will be difficult to get the majority of its components, especially brand new replacement parts. What you can do is to search for surplus or used General Electric fridge components. One good place to get them is in eBay, people from all over the world offers all types of used items there. Instead of just sending them away to junkshop they auction their classic GE fridge by the parts.

Other parts such as evaporator and condenser which are constructed of soft metal like aluminum or copper tube also do not break very easily except when unintentionally punctured. Most people are not too cautious and attempt to strip away frozen foods by means of an ice pick damaging the evaporator in the process. When this happen the Freon that is used to cool the system and lubricate the compressor in the form of pressurized gas leaks out of the system leaving the compressor working without protection thus breaking it. Without refrigerant, the fridge won’t have the ability to function and actually useless to operate. Serious problem like this requires a professional to restore, one with perfect knowledge in General Electric fridge troubleshooting, one with working experience in GE refrigerator repair and with appropriate gear in restoring fridges. If you have this type of problem it is a good idea to simply leave it to professionals, bring it to authorized GE Appliance Service Centers and allow their highly qualified engineers and technician repair it, especially if it’s still insured by manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the reliable manufacturers when it comes to compact appliances is the “General Electric” or GE, and one of their biggest selling products is the refrigerator, which include the GE Profile refrigerator. They manufacture some of the most dependable and hard wearing fridge in the market today. When we say rugged it doesn’t really imply they are unbreakable, one way or the other some parts specially the one that continuously moving, components that expires and fragile components like glass will break sooner or later and necessary to be replaced.

Normal replacement parts such as fridge water filter, defrost thermostat, control thermostat, control board and water valve assembly are not difficult to acquire and are offered in GE website and other internet stores like Amazon. Refrigerator water filter is a very important fridge part that will have to be changed regularly; this is the component that has an expiration or duration, usually 6 months.

Internal compressor components at normal operation do not fail easily and will last for several years of use without breaking. Often when the compressor breaks, the entire component will be totally changed since the whole compressor is closed and you simply cannot easily open it without slicing the body housing using a hack saw. But in some instances for example in third world countries they attempt to open and fix it, replacing only the damaged components like piston, piston ring, shafting, etc to cut cost.

GE fridge compressor components usually are not common components that you can normally get in a hardware shop, however if you really need to have them you can get them in refrigeration and air-conditioning service shops and a number of shops that are experts in compressors.

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