Anniversary Meanings And Symbols


The journey of another year together marks the intensity of a couple’s commitment, an accretion of time irreplaceable. Early anniversary gifts given were an extension of the wedding gift, which are practically household items to backup the couple through an odyssey of life together.

Where celebrations are occurring, companies are not very far behind. New ways and new ideas persists.

The first wedding anniversary is themed on paper. This traditional symbol symbolizes strength and endurance. Whereas the modern item is themed on clocks for reasons to do with timeless, eternal love.

2 years of marriage exemplifies that a couple is capable of withstanding a lasting relationship. That’s what the traditional symbol, cotton suggests.

The third year’s symbol is given based on the lastingness of the material- leather. The contemporary item is on crystals that took on meanings for people. It was originally a symbol of greatness that spans to purity, innocence and greatness.

Fruits and flowers signifies a blooming and fruitful relationship, which signifies the 4th wedding anniversary. A bouquet of Geraniums can be given or a basket of fruits, or both!

Want to merge both the traditional and modern 5th wedding anniversary symbol? A romantic gift idea can be a cute wooden jewelry box with sterling silver ring inside. Much more romantic if a bunch of Daisies would go together that symbolizes love and innocence.

The tenth year anniversary symbols are tin and aluminum symbolizing the flexibility of a good lasting relationship. The daffodil flower represents joy and happiness.

On the 15th anniversary, tin as the symbolic material of this milestone represents preservation and longevity. Crystal as the modern approach would signify a lot of meaning depending on the color tint. Clear crystal denotes insight and magic with one another.

The 20th year of marriage is one of the biggest milestone anniversaries known to married people. It reflects the vow you have for one another and is symbolized by the traditional theme of china and the contemporary item of platinum.

Anniversary symbols all resulted from thet demands od society. Way way back, only the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries were credited in Medieval Germany, where it all started. Today, every year already has its own reflection of symbol, gem, and flowers.

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