An Entertaining Experiment with Magnetorheological Fluids


Magnetorheological fluids are mainly utilized as agents for stiffing body armors and suits. I’m about to show you a little fun, hassle-free test with magnetorheological fluids.

After the experiment you will be able to find out how MR fluids react within the presence of a magnetic field. You may well do this exercise in the comfort and ease of your kitchen.

Stuff needed: Cheap magnets, iron mineral (or iron fillings), plastic bag, plastic mug, nonferrous stirrer (plastic table spoon or popsicle).

Exploration of Iron Ore

The first thing that you will have to do is mine ore from your sandbox or playground sand. Get a plastic bag and put a few low-cost magnets inside it. Pull the plastic bag with the magnet across the sand. The magnets inside the bag are going to bring in the iron ores from the sand, easily mining them out.

You still need to refine the found iron ores as slight bits of sand might have been stuck with them. Here’s how to do it:

Acquire a paper plate and spread out the ores on the plate. Hold the plastic bag with the low cost magnets above the paper plate. Purer iron ores are going to then jump away out of the plate and stick to the bag. Don’t get the plastic bag too near as this will cause the sand grains to leap away with the ores again Reiterate the course of action until you are satisfied that there are no more sand grains involved in the ores.

Getting going with the test

Place the ore in a plastic cup. Choose a little one so that the ore can fill up 75% of it. Find some vegetable oil and include it to the ore in the mug. Employ a nonferrous object (plastic tea spoon or Popsicle stick) to stir the goo. Continue to include oil until the solution converts into a thin, dark ore paste. Obtain a strong magnet and place it on the side of the plastic cup. The magnet is going to automatically adhere to the side of the plastic mug while the iron ores inside are dragged to it. At this time, you ought to be able to see the ores stiffen. Serve the excess oil by tipping the plastic mug over another container. What remains in the plastic glass is your magnetorheological fluid.

The exciting element of the experiment

Now, here is the exciting piece of the test. With this you are going to be able to notice how MR fluids function with body armors and suits. Take away the magnet and keep the cup upright. Blend the goop in the pot with your table spoon. The ores will be a little bit inflexible initially, but they will ultimately become softer and easy to stir. Tip the cup a little to the side and bury the table spoon in the goop. Then insert the magnet once more on the side of the mug to stiffen the ore solution. The table spoon will now stand up keeping erect. Get the magnet away again and the rigid goop is going to slump back to the plastic glass causing the table spoon to drop over. You can as well place the goop in a plastic tote and then permit the strong magnet stick to its side. You could form the paste like clay and develop various forms with it. As you take away the magnet, the hardened paste will decline back and develop puddles.

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