All You Need To Know About Rugby


The sport of Rugby is an amazing sport which is played by people all over the world. It is a very common sport of more than hundred countries and is widely played in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Argentina, Japan, USA, and many others. It is also referred to as the World’s first premiere football using oval ball.

The name of the game is derived from a school in UK called as the Rugby school. The legend around the game extends from as early as 1823 and the modern day games of rugby are played with two teams of 15 members each. The ball is not the usual spherical kind and thus points slightly on both the edges. Both the teams possess their own goal posts which are mainly shaped like the ‘H’ letter.

Also, this game involves an area called the in-goal wherein the players from the opposite team try to take in the ball to the in-goal area of the other team and if they can achieve that, they can score points for at least trying. By doing this, the team can also try to win a goal and for achieving so, kicking of the ball across the top of the H-lettered goal post is quite important.

The players of each team try to ‘tackle’ the players of the other team because if they do not stop the players then they will make a goal and score against them. By tackling in this game, it generally refers to stopping the players or even pushing them onto the playground. A game of rugby includes 40 minutes halves and they have a break in between the halves.

There are actually two types of rugby which is known as the rugby union and the rugby league. These two types were actually created since both the kinds have their own opinion of treating the players who are injured while playing the game. Although the rugby union is more common than rugby league but rugby league is also very commonly played in the countries of UK, New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Usually, when we refer to rugby, we intend to refer to about ‘rugby union’.

We have the Rugby World Cup which usually takes place every four years and this gives the chance to the players of several countries to participate in this wonderful game and the coming world cup will be taking place in 2011.

There is also the Rugby League World Cup wherein games are organized amongst the members of the RLIF or Rugby League International Federation which actually does not have any schedule. The next match is supposed to occur in 2013 and will take place in England.

The International Rugby Board takes care of the rugby union and has its head-quarters centered in Dublin. The sport of rugby is a very enticing one and mesmerizes the players and spectators alike.

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