Alcohol Bed Wetting


Alcohol is a predominant cause of bed wetting in adults. When someone drinks excessively, their body will quickly purge the liquids. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that it causes the body to need to urinate more ofttimes. This can result in wetting the bed, as adults who have drank so much to be in a fitness their body is rejecting liquids is too drunk to feel the warning signs their body tells them. The result is wetting the bed. In some cases of excess drinking, the adult can wet the bed several times in one night.

There are numerous consequences to drinking satisfactory alcohol to cause bed wetting. First, alcohol poisoning is a real likelihood. When enough alcohol is consumed that basic operates are not occurring as they could, the liver could be damaged. The intoxicating outcomes of alcohol are due to a poisoning of the system, in addition when there is overly much alcohol consumed, the liver is destroyed. If the adult consumes this much alcohol frequently, it may lead to permanent liver damage that can result in constant bed wetting, even when the person is not intoxicated.

Unlike other forms of bed wetting, alcohol caused bed wetting is not treatable done the common behavioral changes used in children. In addition to this, numerous adults no longer have the capacity to create any forms of judgment calls when they are that intoxicated, so the employ of bed wetting diapers is often out of the question. Because of this, bed wetting caused by alcohol consumption is one of the harder to deal with problems.

If you have alcohol related bed wetting problems, the simply solution is to lower the amount of alcohol consumed. Drinking water prior to bed can prevent the worst symptoms of a hangover, but often encourage bed wetting, as the diuretic effect of alcohol is still lingering in the body. Limiting yourself to no more than one drink an hour may significantly lower the chances of bed wetting. If the problem persists no matter how much you drink, you should visit your doctor, as it can be an indicator that your liver is not functioning correctly.

If you are having a problem with bed wetting and you consume alcohol, you may have a incomplete number of prescription medications that can aid you with this problem. If you suffer from liver or kidney problems, or you have a disease such as Lupus, you should consult with your physician on whether or not it is safe for you to consume alcohol.

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