AC Cobra Kit Car Review


An AC cobra kit car is an occasion to relive the magic that the AC cobra created in the 1960s. The original AC Cobra cars were designed on the Bristol straight-6 engine; these replicas are majorly built on any platform available most commonly the JBL motorsport roadster kit.

An AC cobra kit car built from this car was close to perfect. The company JBL provides components in distinct stages like if one buys a stage 2 kit, complicated fittings are through by the company itself in addition the this kit comes with most of the components required to build this AC cobra kit car, a good number of components like the engine and transmission is left to the person building the car furthermore consequently provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to selecting the engine, transmission, drive shaft etc.

The suspension in this AC cobra kit car is a fully adjustable cast aluminum upper A-arm these include inboard coil covers. The rear suspension for this AC cobra kit car is the Ford Traction-Lok 8.8” IRS thee are of unequal length with Non-parallel arms.

The transmission that is the most predominant and really adds to the fun factor of the car is the Tremec TKO racing gears with a gear ratio of .083 in the fifth gear. The interiors in this AC cobra kit car are plush red colored Sparco Carbon seats.

It has a Sparco Ring steering wheel that makes the interior look truly up market besides awesome. To add to it this AC cobra kit car packs a punch with the fiberglass dash board, this has a red leather covering what’s more a brushed aluminum center constituency.

The engine is the most fundamental part of this AC cobra kit car or as a matter of fact for any car. A kit car is primarily crafted in the backyard besides so the price factor is necessary plus this should exceed a fixed budget.

The engine used should thence be cheapo additionally deliver better performance. An AC cobra kit car can be built utilizing a Ford small block V8 engine which can price anything between 4000$ to much more than 19000$.

If one wishes to power the AC cobra kit car with an engine falling in the below 4000$ range one may find an engine providing 300HP of power. Such an engine for the AC cobra kit car may deliver years of reliable service.



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