A Step-By-Step Guide To Installing A Drop Ceiling


It is regularly considered a convenient moreover easier choice to install a drop ceiling or most normally popular as a suspended ceiling than a drywall ceiling. One of the reasons being, a drop ceiling allows easy access to the overhead mechanical system. This means that if ever you face a plumbing or electricity issue, a drop ceiling just requires to be lifted besides you get easy access to all the pipes additionally wires over the ceiling head.

Drop ceiling comprises of a metal grid that supports 2×2 or 2×4 ft panels. though drywall ceiling is considered a more permanent option, it involves a lot of labor, material, cost additionally its just plain messy to install a drywall ceiling. You would rather opt to have a drop ceiling as it has some real excellent advantages complete a permanent ceiling.

You can install drop ceiling by yourself which means you may save hundreds of dollars on labor cost. Let’s see how to install a drop ceiling. It needs simply effortless household tools. plus if you are concerned of the look, nowadays you get drop ceiling panels or tiles in a diversity of colors, shades, designs plus textures.

After measuring the ceiling besides deciding how many panels you will need, you require to meet the requirement of having the minimum height of the ceiling, which is 7 ½ ft. similarly create sure you require to install the drop ceiling at least 5 inches below the original ceiling to tilt the panel in place and to accommodate any ceiling lights.

You get manufacturer’s instructions on how to install a drop ceiling. Follow them plus you will never go wrong. A simple tip-start installing the panels perpendicular to the joints. This procedure needs the suggested types or hardware furthermore wire.

You need to firm all the intersections of the grid wary with long pieces of wires. Cut them by utilising tin snips. employ a level to create sure that the drop ceiling is not installed in an angle. Once the grid is installed, you need to fit the panels to it. Cut the panel’s perimeter to suitable into the grid as a panel is normally a bit larger than the hole in the grid.

Although drop ceiling is not a fit alternative for all situations in addition rooms, it’s certainly a good choice for basements additionally in rooms with bathrooms overhead. So in case there is a leakage in the overhead plumbing, the pipes may be easily accessed from the suspended or drop ceiling. This means a lot in terms of cost, convenience, time furthermore labor.



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