A Glimpse of the All Blacks Jerseys Through the Years


The Rugby Union, which originated from England in the early 19th century, is now one of the world’s 10 most popular team sports. It is a full contact, high action and fast-paced game. Being one of the most intense team sports consisting of two 40 minute halves and a few breaks, a player needs to be properly geared for it. Not only is this imperative for high performance, it is also necessary for his and everybody’s safety. The All Blacks is New Zealand men’s Rugby Union national team which has given the country pride with all its achievements in the past years. And all those years, rugby enthusiasts have seen the changes that all blacks jersey had undergone. While it still is up to the players to do well in each game, the jersey does have an influence in the way they perform.

What you can see the All Blacks players wear now is an entirely black jersey which has an on the front, an Adidas logo on one side and the NZRU silver fern on the other. Looking back, in the year 1884, the players used a dark blue jersey with a gold fern on the left of the jumper. Years following that, the NZRU announced the use of all black shirts with silver fern, matched with white knickerbockers.

By 1901, the team was in a black jersey, a canvas top without collar and the same silver fern. Another change that followed thereafter was the embroidered poppy on the jersey sleeve. This ‘poppy’ is in honor of the soldiers who risked their lives in the battlefield in Europe. It is the team’s way of showing how important this event is in the history of their nation and their team as well.

For seventy five years, it was Canterbury who had been behind the outfitting of the New Zealand national rugby team until Adidas took charge of it in 1999. There have been innovations made by different manufacturers to improve the technology of the jersey. But even with all these developments, it still is up to the team to outperform their opponents.

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