A Few Themed Hen Party Ideas


Hen parties are festivities thrown for a future bride prior to her wedding day. The matron of honor is generally the main planner but it is not unheard of for a group of the woman’s best friends to handle the specifics. The celebration is meant to be a bride’s symbolic last party with her girls before the wifely chores begin. For her friends, it’s important to make a fun and memorable night. By acknowledging a few hen party ideas, they will be sure to pick the best theme.

Though the party will most likely be attended by a large group of women, make sure that it is tailored to the bride to be’s personality. For example, don’t throw her a cowgirl themed bash if you know that’s not her cup of tea. The bride is most likely a sister or close friend you’ve known for years so you’ll know the best theme to choose for her.

A beach party is a very easy and popular theme. You can decorate the party’s location with inflatable palm trees and colored lanterns. Alcoholic beverages with colorful umbrellas in them can be enjoyed while all the girls enjoy themselves as an island music CD plays in the background.

You could also throw a disco themed hen party. Inform the guests to show up wearing groovy costumes or provide them and encourage everyone to pick out a few things. For entertainment everyone could watch an old 70s movie or listen to disco music and have a dance party.

If the future bride is the outdoorsy type, a camp out party may be appropriate. If the weather permits, have everyone gather for a backyard barbecue and camp out. If it can’t be done outside, set up a few small tents in your living room and dim the lights. For food, you could cook smores over the fire (or stove) and to entertain each other tell spooky stories around the campfire.

A fast and simple bachelorette party theme is one based on the bride to be’s favorite hue. For example, if her cherished color is yellow, plan the party with that color. Decorate the event’s venue with yellow tablecloths and balloons. Buy yellow paper cups, forks, and other utensils. You can even go crazy and only have yellow food like bananas and cupcakes with yellow icing.

In conclusion, often all the bride to be wants is a fun night to share with their close friends. The party’s activities and theme are just icing on the proverbial cake. Come up with a bash that is personalized and make her special night one she’ll definitely remember.

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