A Few Simple Hypnosis Techniques


If you have seen people being hypnotised in public by magicians you might think hypnotism turns a person into a ghost-like mummy that obeys every command the hypnotist gives. In real life it’s a whole lot different. When a qualified hypnotist–in some cases a psychologist–hypnotises you you remain awake, you are never asleep. You are in total control of what you’re doing and there is never a time when you’re a slave to the ‘master’. But to achieve rehabilitative therapy using hypnosis there are a few simple hypnosis techniques you can apply to reap the most out of hypnosis.

Like any other skill it is crucial that you practice whatever hypnosis you’re going to carry out. Go to the back office and go through your clients profile and determine the techniques you’re going to implement on them as specific as possible. Doing this will help you conduct a thorough session; hypnosis is sometimes like a medical operation because of the precision factor that comes with it.

When your subject comes the next time make them sit on something comfortable. The subject has to be calm and relaxed so that his mind can open up more easily to instructions and thoughts. Soft feather cushions are nice and soft enough to calm the person down and ease any strained nerves.

Use a slow and gentle voice during the entire session. Never at any point raise your voice and create a mood of disorder, chaos and confusion, everything must be straight and understandable. This is very calming; it gives the person peace and quiet, both ingredients to successful relaxation therapy.

Establish trust with your subject so that they feel they can confide in you. When it comes to stress therapy trust becomes clearly important, the subject can open up to you better once they believe that you will not harm them and that they will not reach a point of doing what they are not aware of during the session.

Depending on what the problem is you can also bring in imaginative drills for parts of the session. Encourage the subject to picture beautiful and peaceful things linked to whatever their problem is. When the subject uses his imagination he again heightens the power of his response to the therapy.

Happy hypnosis.

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