A Few Rules That Will Provide Work Environment Safety Programs Requirements


Ideally, promoting safety is also promoting harmony in the workplace where everyone is involved and shares mutual concerns. Unfortunately, workplaces are a conglomeration of all people coming from different backgrounds and different work ethics and work orientations. There will always be people who are easy to work with and there will always be people who are not. Actions and the way people react to them promote also incidents that are not safe, are stressful and unproductive.

Don?t think that your employees don?t want to work in a safe environment. Uncooperative workers and Production and administration sites are effective only when it works in a unified direction where everyone participates. No matter what safe actions are taken, if there is one uncooperative worker, the whole team could fail. It does not matter if the worker is amiable though most times they are not. Often, these workers think that teamwork is just a catchphrase and meetings are boring. Safety is everyone’s responsibility and concern. Unsafe conditions does not give second chances, it has to be done right the first time. The person has to cooperate or lose the prospect of working longer.

Bullying can be hazzardous. The one good thing about a bully is that a bully is bullied back very easily. Most of us has experienced them and could handle them. If the bully however is the continuing source of stresses, tensions and disharmony, they become inimical to the goals of the team.

Poor Safety Policies While safety policies are in place, this do not address poor and insufficient staffing and scheduling issues aside from policies that are impractical and unworkable. Add to this is the practice of hiring or allowing the elderly to work in areas that are hazardous even to younger men. Poor Worksite Organization ? Many times, the accidents happening in the workplace are not the fault of a single person but a combination of factors. Poor organization, unsafe work practices, unsafe work environment, the desire to reach the quota, target or to meet the schedule. People are assigned around, sometimes they are found in places where they do not belong, equipment getting in the way including a not well thought off people traffic.

Fire hazards could be anything from paper, combustible chemicals to faulty wiring. Periodically run maintenance and check-up procedures to spot any accident that is waiting to happen. Also, ensure that fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and fire/smoke detectors are installed in the workplace.

– Holding appropriate authorities accountable for enforcing safety and health policies.

Be Prepared For Emergencies: The worst disasters were unexpected disasters. The twin towers may be one of the safest buildings during its time, the Titanic was suggested as unsinkable and disasters in the likes of Katrina were not heard off and prepared for and then it happened.

All employees have the right to know whether they are exposed to possible accidents or not. They should also be armed with information on how to respond depending on the accident. Drills, orientations, classroom sessions, as well as hands-on practice can give employees the training they need to respond well to incidents. Safety Evaluation and Periodical assessment of the safety efforts of an organization makes it possible for the management to polish their safety policies. This practice also makes it very feasible for companies to enhance their safety policies.

No matter how good the plan is, accidents are never totally prevented. There is such a thing as organized chaos promoted in many quarters. Accidents by its safety issues in the workplace nature are unexpected.



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