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While it is not widely known, the impact the pineapple has had on culture, dcor, and architecture is significant. The image of the pineapple as been made a part of the design or provided inspiration for furniture, stonework, wall sculpture, pedestals, and corbels. It’s no surprise then that pineapple, linked with inviting atmospheres and hospitality, has also been used in water fixtures. The pineapple fountain is an attractive consequence of the fanciful use of the pineapple fruit.

The pineapple fountain is linked to the origins of the pineapple trade in the American colonies and Caribbean exportation to Europe during the 17th century. The pineapple gained in popularity not only because of its wonderful flavor, but also its intriguing appearance. Both the aesthetics and the decorative possibilities of the fruit led to a long period of home design and decoration that incorporated the pineapple. The pineapple fountain appeared at some point during this time.

At first, the pineapple fountain, like other elaborate designs, was something reserved for the wealthy. Elaborate and richly crafted pineapple fountains were located in the homes and residences of aristocrats, planters, and members of royalty. Of course, you could also find the pineapple fountain in public places. These fountains became popular additions to public parks and government buildings like courthouses.

As the centuries marched on, the pineapple fountain continued to be used, spreading out across different cultures and producing a plethora of styles and new interpretations in design, find a place in private homes and public facilities. All across America, the pineapple fountain is still a popular element among pineapple-inspired features.

As technology has produced more flexible construction materials, the pineapple fountain has been able to move indoors as well. As with other contemporary water fountain types, the pineapple wall fountain can be made using lightweight materials like resin, high-grade plastic, and fiberglass. At the same time, fountain manufacturers are still making use of older materials like stone, concrete, and metal to build fountains. The fountain industry is always fluctuating. A demand of more fountains has encouraged the development of many unique fountain designs.

The pineapple wall fountain retains a broad consumer appeal. If you were to do a search for the pineapple fountain on the internet, you would immediately get a better grasp of the sheer volume of retailers that are offering quality fountains at competitive prices. You can literally spend all day reading through various lists on fountains.

A pineapple fountain is feasible only if you have a whole motif or interior design plan prepared in beforehand. The more preparing you do before buying one of these fountains, the better chance you will have of tracking down a decently priced pineapple fountain that will be perfect for your outdoor garden or interior room. If you’re interested, the best thing you can do is study the topic. Eliminate all of the doubts about whether you will like a pineapple fountain before you have it installed.

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