6 Things to Look for in Inflatable Boats and Kayaks


When it comes to the kayaking world, there is nothing more innovative than inflatable boats and kayaks. These types of vessels have features and qualities that permit water activities that cant be possible with rigid hulls. Not all inflatable units are great though. If you want the best inflatable unit, you need to consider a few factors.

A Name Behind It

There are many new product brands that are as good as established ones. You should however, have second thoughts about getting a kayak from an unknown brand name. After all, a good inflatable kayak can spell the different between enjoyment and disaster in the rapids. Before you buy a kayak, make sure that you are getting one from a trusted name. If you are unfamiliar with the brand name, take some time to do research.

Guarantees and Warranties

Every product should have these two. These are important service features that are part of every quality product. If you are not very familiar with a kayak brand, this is one of the aspects that you need to look for first. Although most quality inflatable boats rarely ever get damaged, some may come with factory defects. You could end up with a kayak with skewed kegs or one that tips too easily. A guarantee of some sort is your best consumer protection.

Durability Features

Research on inflatable boats and kayaks and have a good look at them. Be sure that they have a couple of safety and durability features. They should for example come in reinforced, coated or multi layered fabric. Seams should preferably not be glued together but should instead be stitched or electrically sealed. Some products have durability tests that you can view or read about which can put you at ease.

Portability Features

Inflatable boats are supposed to be portable. This is what is most appealing about inflatable units. Some manufacturers though may recommend pre inflating units for transport or keeping them inflated for storage. This defeats the purpose of inflatable units. Users generally want one so they can easily lug their boats and kayaks around. Find out if a boat or kayak has a portable pump and how long it takes to inflate it.

Independent Reviews

Good inflatable brands are always recommended by loyal users. Good user reviews and testimonials are clues to a boat or kayaks quality. You just have to make sure though that what you are reading are independent opinions. Otherwise, you could just be reeled in by a paid review.

Flexibility and Versatility

A kayak or boat must be flexible enough to function in several situations. Depending on the boat design, you can have one for rapids riding, fishing and leisure paddling. You can quickly see how flexible and versatile a specific model is by looking through its product specifications and uses. If you are not sure about a boat or kayak, ask about it through customer service.

Inflatable boats and kayaks are truly great options. You will have better chances though of enjoying your water ride if you have just the right vessel on hand.

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